“A strong ART in a successful value stream.”

The global consultant ALTEN isn’t just gold partner for the 2018 RTE Summit: Agile chapter lead Wikash Madarie will be sharing the stage with Arno Hanssen of T-Mobile, an accomplished RTE who drives the telecoms giant’s B2C Value Stream. Together, they look forward to presenting a story of a widely shared success, and several of the learnings they picked up along the way.


Not invented here?

“A key factor in the success of the Agile transformation at T-Mobile is that it was not initiated by IT alone,” says Arno. “This was never a case of IT independently discovering the merits of the Release Train or trumpeting the potential of working in value stream. Rather, it was largely due to the beliefs and actions of its Director Digital that T-Mobile made a successful start in 2015… and the success of this first ART was the accelerator for the agile transformation that has generally been strong ever since.”


Four topics

Wikash explains: “Our joint presentation will roughly cover four topics. Arno will go into the history of T-Mobile’s Agile transformation, first – zooming in on the introduction of the Agile Release Train and working in value stream. Then, an overview of where we stand today: a snapshot of the multiple ARTs at T-Mobile and how they relate to each other. I’m going to go into the Agile chapter we built together, because it works well in rallying the entire organization – again, not just IT but many in the business and supporting roles as well – behind the Agile mentality.”


Two hours, to two days

The third topic is mostly Arno’s lead and he looks forward to an audience of fellow RTEs: “ One thing I’d like to share is how the PI planning event evolved at T-Mobile. We started out with a PI of two hours, for example. That was several years ago. Now we’re up to the recommended duration of two days. There’ve been other telling moments, too: we’ve had events that had the business going ‘Wow!’ while we the Scrum masters were telling each other ‘this is not going well at all’…”


Method and madness

“To finish, we’ll to review the challenges and opportunities we see going forward,” Wikash continues. “There are plenty, of course. One thing to mention here is the Innovation and Planning sprint that we’re introducing as part of the PI event. One of the triggers was born from a desire to recapture the creative energies felt during a hackathon we held some years ago. In one mad session, business and IT together created the MVP of an entire product that’s now actually on offer. That energy – how to bring it back regularly? Can we? It could make for interesting discussion, we reckon.”


More from Wikash and Arno?

Wikash Madarie (ALTEN) and Arno Hanssen (T-Mobile) will co-present their case study at the RTE Event. Tickets are selling out fast, so reserve your seat today if you haven’t done so already and we’ll see you at the Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam on November 13th.


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