Agile at UWV: From ‘walls of confusion’ to flow!

Seasoned Scrum Master Afra Shamshiri and Agile Coach Mark Heistek will present at the Agile Coach Conference about their work to transform business departments at the Dutch Employee insurance Agency (UWV) into more Agile Value Stream oriented lines. Here’s a peek at their plans for the conference.


Afra has a broad experience with working in Scrum teams at UWV, working as a Product Owner for website development among others. Currently she involved in the Agile transition of the Digital Services department, coaching the new teams and new product owners.

Mark has first-hand experience in leading large organizations through their Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformations. He provides training and coaching to successfully help companies “harness Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery as self-organizing forces that become part of their product development culture.”


What we plan to present

Afra: “The Dutch employment insurance agency UWV has been introducing Agile software development for several years now. I was asked to help with the transition because I’m both experienced with Scrum as well as SAFe, from my work in our IT department. The SAFe framework plays a substantial role in our transformation design, but we’re not just blindly adopting the whole thing… we’re taking from the framework what makes sense to adopt.”


Story from the trenches

Mark chimes in: “We want to present a story about tailoring best practices to fit this specific situation. It’s a story of change, told from the coach’s perspective – both management coaching as well as team coaching. A tale from the trenches, really.”

“It’s a fairly extensive exercise, starting with mapping the value streams that UWV is involved in. Not just our own org, but also the chain partners around us. And because it’s such a specific context, we couldn’t just ‘open a can of consultants’; we’re really taking care to build something that fits well with UWV itself.”


Begin building your community

If your curious to hear from Afra and Mark then be sure to attend the virtual Agile Coach Conference on October 28th, 2020. Tickets are on sale, get yours before it’s too late.


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