Agile Coach Webinar: Keeping your teams with you

With social distancing the norm, and everyone working remote, are you finding it harder to stay relevant for your audience as an Agile Coach? Join Gladwell Academy Agile Coach and trainer Boris de Jong for an informative and interactive Agile Coach webinar on how to stay on everyone’s radar, on May 15, 2020 10:00 AM.


The distance problem

Agile Coaching is always a very hands-on role, putting yourself directly at the heart of a team or an organization, navigating by tension and to resolve issues or improve performance. This can become more difficult when working remotely: you’re not as close to individuals or teams to share ideas and discuss solutions. How do you stay in the loop and keep people invested in the transformation when everyone is working independently from home?

Boris de Jong is bringing his own experience, as well as gathering together the experiences of a wide array of Agile Coaches to share their solutions and what they have learned about maintaining interest and motivation in remote Coaching.


You are an “Agile Cookbook”

Boris describes the role of an Agile Coach: “Here you are, a cookbook full of tried and true recipes: for working together effectively, for iterating productively and predictably, et cetera. When you still shared the kitchen with your colleagues, you were dishing out advice left and right. Working remote…people might just go for the plain old mashed potatoes. It’s easier and may seem familiar, even if a little tasteless.”


Sound familiar? Join Boris for more

If you are finding your teams less receptive to what you are offering them as an Agile Coach, then this is just the Agile Coach webinar for you! Don’t let your recipes gather dust on the shelf and register to attend today.


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