“Agile scares people, even if its benefits are obvious.”

Guido Wiggerink is transformation consultant at Dr. Kraus & Partner – a consultancy firm that has change management itself as its fascinating area of focus. He explains why it was evident for his company to adopt Agile Munich as Gold Partner – and what he hopes to witness at the event on May 8th.

“We’ve made change itself our expertise. It might be the change that comes from a merger, or a corporate rebranding; the change that comes from organic growth. We specialize in identifying and cultivating the collective, cultural ripples of change as well as the individual strategies people apply to dealing with it. And with our experience, we help major organizations deal with everything that change implies for their strategies, structures and culture.”


Agile: a source of change, and…

We’ve made corporate Agile ambitions a discipline at Dr. Kraus & Partner because it’s fast becoming a major source of change for companies. I’m part of a team we call the Agile Transformers – I know, it’s a little playful but ah… a substantial part of what it means to be Agile is to bring the fun back into your professional life. We’re about thirty people now, and we’ve gathered some serious expertise with major brands in automotive, banking, insurances… Agility fits really well with our existing expertise, so the synthesis is natural.”


…a source of fear.

“Our contribution as a speaker at Agile Munich will be on the meaning of fear in an Agile context – drawing on our experience as change managers. It’s a well-known fact that most people find Agile ambitions scary: no matter how golden the promising future, no matter the obvious rationale – non-Agilists often respond on an emotional level because change itself scares people. How do you deal with that irrational response? That is the focus of my contribution.”

My colleague Katja von Bergen is also going to be at Agile Munich with a masterclass for those interested. So, sign up to hear more on what we have to offer the German Agile movement!”


Join Guido’s contribution and masterclass

Dr. Kraus & Partner will be present Agile Munich from May 8-10 at the Münchner Künstlerhaus, Munich. Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to reserve your seat soon!


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