Amy Doerflinger:  Diversity & Inclusion is the HeART of the ART!

RTE Amy Doerflinger of Boeing, a self-described “recovering project manager,” is planning a discussion at this year’s RTE Summit Global. Her activity will be based around how through increased awareness of diversity and inclusion she was able to facilitate improved unity, cohesiveness, and performance throughout her Agile Release Train.


Building her knowledge of the RTE role

Amy began her Agile journey two years ago when she was asked to take on the RTE role by Boeing during their SAFe transition. “I used to be a conventional waterfall-type project manager, and today I consider myself ‘recovering’ from that since we adopted more Agile ways of working and thinking.”

She continues: “I had no prior experience with Lean or Agile principles. I just jumped headfirst into the new role. As a freshly ordained RTE I quickly concluded that I needed to separate the RTE role from the conventional project management duties.  I had to clearly delineate those roles and as I was able to get support for a full time project manager. I was then able to focus on the RTE duties full time and that has made a huge impact on my growth and learning.


‘Siloed’ Teams

For her discussion Amy wants to discuss a communication issue she was encountering during each ART. According to her, “while team communication was great, I found that there was virtually no communication, personal or professional, between different teams in the ART.”


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Relationship + Mindset + Performance = Success!

Amy continues: “To try and create stronger personal relationships I introduced a fun ‘ceremony’ that encouraged personal and professional sharing and communication within the ART and brought about a more inclusive atmosphere. I believe that stronger personal relationships also leads to stronger professional relationships, which leads to stronger performances for individuals and for the entire ART. I want to work in a place where I can bring my whole-self to work, and this fun event helps create the environment to do just that!”

After a few of these ART-wide ceremonies Amy found that teams no longer had to be reminded to include one another. “The idea was such a success that I was awarded a ‘diversity and inclusion award’ from Boeing in December of 2019 for the implementation of it. There’s currently an interest in adopting this idea as a company-wide template.”

Supercharge your Own ART

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