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A lot about Agile transformations is abstract concepts, intangible processes and organigrams. We sometimes forget that people are involved: able bodies that need leadership to guide them and an example to follow.


For this year’s RTE Boost we’ve invited dr. Yannick Balk, sports psychologist. His research centers on the role of mental effort and recovery in (elite) sports. His recent dissertation came with a simple, powerful message: that a fit coach at the head of the team is instrumental to a successful team effort.


So how are you doing these days? What about your physical and mental fitness? Are you fit enough to lead your team of teams? Let Yannick show you how you can improve your body and mind to bring better results within everyone’s reach.


Dr. Yannick Balk lectures at the University of Amsterdam on the subjects of Sport Psychology and Work Psychology. He also works as an applied sports and performance psychologist, assisting elite athletes and coaches to realize their full potential. He advises sports organizations at both the individual and the organization level with an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach.


Visit the RTE Boost & Summit 3.0

Tickets for the 2018 RTE Summit are selling fast. Reserve your seat today, and come to the Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to engage in lively debate with speakers such as Kay Buring, Eelco Rustenburg and a remote visit from SAFe founder Dean Leffingwell.


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