Become an RTE ‘in one week’!

The subtle work of the Release Train Engineer (RTE) requires a lot of what the Germans call ‘Fingerspitzengefühl’. In other words, experience is key. What better way to boost your beginnings as an RTE than with our ‘RTE in a week’ offer?
Immerse yourself in a full week of mentorship, 
knowledge exchange and training by the world’s most experienced RTEs and SPCTs. From 11 to 14 November it’s all about the ART.


Course: Release Train Engineer

This is Gladwell Academy’s official, three-day course to prepare you for the exam and certification as an RTE in SAFe. Because this year’s Amsterdam November edition of the course, takes place on the 11th, 13th and 14th November, it’s a golden opportunity to combine it with the RTE Summit. As a bonus, this training will be given by Anand Murthy Raj, one of the most gifted storytellers in the SPCT community.


RTE Summit

A full day of intense knowledge exchange and exploring best practices for this new, challenging discipline. With keynotes from Scaled Agile SPCT Joe Vallone, Scandinavian RTE guru Carl Starendal, renowned SPCT Eelco Rustenburg and pioneering Agile Controller Martin Hofman, it promises to be a thrilling meeting of the minds.


RTEs that want to improve their game should seriously consider the triple-deal ‘RTE in a week’ from 11 to 14 November. 


RTE Boost

To complete the week, join the RTE Boost program on November 11th. We’ve asked inspirational speaker and founder of Millennial Lift Dirk van Uffelen to provide a masterclass on team motivation and creating the perfect climate for elite-level collaboration. Surely this should be enough to hone your people skills as an RTE.

RTE in a week!

In sum, you could be spending the week in RTE country:

  • 11th November – training day 1 and RTE Boost
  • 12th November – RTE Summit
  • 13th November – training day 2
  • 14th November – training day 3

Top off your week with some sights and sounds of Amsterdam while you’re at it… we’re happy to provide you with some tips of course!

Contact us to sign up!

Get in touch for this week-long immersive experience while tickets are available! Check out the offer or send a message to our RTE Summit training advisor  Maarten Verlaan  at:   maarten.verlaan@gladwellacademy.com.


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