BOSSA nova combines ‘everything that works’

Keynote speaker Jutta Eckstein’s recent book ‘Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Spaces & Sociocracy’ aims to bring Agile principles beyond the software development core – which aligns neatly with our focus on the supporting functions at Agile Munich 2019. She chose not to add yet another framework to the already brimming pool of Agile-ish intellectual property, but rather sifts through what’s out there, tests its merits, and builds a better beast from it.


Jutta Eckstein: “Though it has the word ‘nova’ in the title, our quest to extend Agility to the entire organization isn’t new. The combination of the proven principles is a new approach. On the one hand the momentum for Agility isn’t letting up, even though some people might find it a struggle to do it right. Agility is still the best answer to prepare your organization for these disruptive times.“

“On the other hand, the advance of software into the business world is getting stronger every day as well. And when your product starts to depend more and more on software development, and software development benefits so much from Agility… the choice to try and embrace the wave is evident.”


What is BOSSA nova?

“The ‘BOSSA’ in the title is an acronym of Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy and Agile. It’s a potent cocktail of innovative thinking, and it works. My co-author John Buck and I spent several years going through the many approaches that the Agile community has developed, stopping to review only the ones that work provenly on a strategic level, and that have brought real companies to thrive on disruption.“


B, OS, S

“Let me just review them in a nutshell – hardly doing any of them real justice, because they are each far deeper than just this short description. So, Beyond Budgeting tackles a crucial observation voiced by many Agilists in the past: you cannot be flexible if you work with annually fixed budgets. The second component, Open Space is a fantastic answer to the problem that people are hired for a single role, when their competence often goes far beyond that. Finally, Sociocracy tackles decision making. a top down hierarchy is a creativity killer. What if good ideas could come from anywhere in the company?”


Complementary approaches

“These are the most effective innovations we found in our journey. These four are complementary to one another, each covering a completely different aspect of running a business. Together, they present a holistic approach to introducing Agility for the entire organization.“


CxO is a supporting role

“I look forward to showing up in May for Agile Munich 2019 not just because I have a historical connection with the city – I lived there at a time – but also because I feel that interesting things are happening in the German Agile community, and this meeting looks to be another focal point. I do hope the term ‘supporting functions’ doesn’t suggest executives should stay away – after all, the Board of Directors is really a supporting function, too…!”


More information?

Jutta Eckstein will be one of the keynote speakers at Agile Munich 2019, May 8th to 10th at the Künstlerhaus in Munich, Germany. Theme for the conference is ‘Scaling Agile? Not without the supporting functions!’ and reservations are selling fast. Reserve your seat today at agilemunich.com.


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