Catch up with Weronika Śreniawa-Pisarska, ‘RTE of the Year’ 2020!

Each RTE Summit features the election of an ‘RTE of the Year’ in recognition of someone’s contribution to building the Release Train Engineer practice. In preparation for the RTE Summit Global, learn about what this year’s winner Weronika Śreniawa-Pisarska has been up to since receiving the award.


A ‘Foundational’ RTE

With an extensive background in project management, Weronika made the jump to Agile and SAFe several years ago, becoming an RTE at Nordea in Gdynia Poland. “I was dropped into the Nordea’s Group Data Management Office’s (GDMO) one of the first ART’s in the department in 2018 before receiving any Agile or SAFe training,” she says. “I had to dedicate myself to both mastering the role of an RTE and pioneering SAFe within our area.”


Troubled beginnings

Finding herself in this demanding situation Weronika immediately set about transforming the Information Factory from the bottom up, taking advantage of an Agile Coach from another department of Nordea initially. She explains: “I started with five teams. While these were all working ‘Agile’, there was hardly any communication between them. I began gathering as much info about SAFe as I could, attending training courses like SAFe Advanced Scrum Master and RTE in addition to my work.”

“I’d say the most difficult part was our first PI Planning, which took place well before I had my RTE training. I was in charge of planning an event for over sixty employees in just three weeks.” Weronika’s efforts were met with exceptional appreciation. In recognizing her work, she was voted RTE of the Year by her colleagues at the RTE Summit for 2020. “I actually heard about the award after I had already left for the plane home. It took me completely by surprise!”

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Continued struggles & success

Not one to rest on her laurels, Weronika has continued her work as an RTE at Nordea, seeing both new challenges and triumphs. She briefly describes how: “During our third PI this year our Product Manager suddenly left the company. This was a challenge but also a lesson – you can never prepare for everything. On the other hand, we managed in the end – no one is completely irreplaceable and a good team can always come together.”

“The Covid-19 Pandemic has also created unprecedented challenges for RTEs this year as well. I think in a lot of ways we’re still reeling and trying to pick up the pieces, but that’s what RTEs are great at; stopping, reorienting, and finding a new direction in a pinch.”

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