Christian Hoffer

Meet Your Trainer: Christian Hoffer

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Christian Hoffer is joining Gladwell Academy’s Trainers Hall! Christian’s professional background is rich in successful Agile Transformations which he has helped lead during his 25-year career, and it is perfectly supplemented by a wide range of industry expertise within the European Market – a perfect blend for providing you with an exceptional training experience.  Dive into our welcome conversation with Christian to discover the insights he has acquired throughout his career, and how he will further share his knowledge during the course of the upcoming Gladwell courses. 


Hello Christian, and thank you for joining us here today for this conversation. Can we ask what inspired you to become a transformation coach/leader? 

I am interested in people, and therefore, the possibility of providing them with support in unleashing both their potential and the potential of their organisations. 


That’s great to hear. And what do you think makes following a training with you unique? 

Lots of gamification and practical examples from numerous transformations in different industries, which helps to easily connect with participants’ challenges in their day-to-day undertaking. 


So, we’ve established what makes you and your trainings stand out from the crowd. But we’re also curious: what made you choose to train for Gladwell Academy? 

Gladwell Academy is outstanding on the market when it comes to its quality standards and training offerings, and it offers a huge field of interesting activities for a Coach and Trainer. 


It’s a pleasure to hear that our positive reputation at Gladwell Academy precedes us. But now, we’d love to learn more about you. What’s next for you as a coach/trainer/leader (motivational thought or ambition)?  

Since I am currently an authorised Implementing (SPC) SAFe Co-Trainer, a next logical (dreamlike) step would be to become a SPCT with SAFe. 


Last but not least: what’s a fun fact about yourself that most people don’t know? 

Besides the fact that I spend as much time as possible in the mountains for mountaineering, I am also producing my own wine from 40 years old pinot vineyards (5 acres of land, equaling 500 bottles of wine!) 


Christian Hoffer holds trainings in German, French, and English, and he is looking forward to welcoming you to his classes. The next opportunity to join Christian at one of his trainings will be in Munich, Germany, at an SPC course co-trained by our own Gladwell Academy COO and SAFe Fellow, Michael Stump, in January 2022. Shift your career into overdrive and don’t miss this chance to start the new year on a high note: by becoming a certified SPC. 



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