Combine Agile@Scale and Implementing SAFe with ‘SPC in a week’

Aspiring SPCs that want to improve their game should seriously consider the triple-deal ‘SPC in a week.’ The subtle work of the SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) requires a lot of what the Germans call ‘Fingerspitzengefühl’: in other words, experience is key. So, what better way to boost your beginnings as an SPC than with our ‘SPC in a week’ offer? Immerse yourself in a full week of mentorship, knowledge exchange and training by one the world’s most experienced SAFe trainers, SPCT Eelco Rustenburg with Marijt Weerts. From January 25th ‘til 29th… it’s all about the ART.

1.    Course: SAFe Program Consultant

This is Scaled Agile’s official, certified four-day course hosted by Gladwell Academy to prepare you for the exam and certification as an SPC in SAFe 5.0. Taking place from the 26th until the 29th of January, why not combine it with the Agile@Scale conference the day before for a kickstart? As a bonus, this training will be given by Eelco Rustenburg, one of the most experienced SPCTs in the SAFe community.

2.    Agile@Scale

A full day of intense knowledge exchange and exploring best practices for about applying Agile principles at large companies. Because this conference is framework-independent, expect talks inside and outside SAFe – an excellent opportunity to rise above and beyond. With keynotes from Transformation pioneer Rick van Benten of VodafoneZiggo and many visiting experienced corporate Agilists it promises to be a thrilling meeting of the minds.

After this full day, you’ll be pumped to start yourself on the journey into the framework.


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SPC in a week!

In sum, you could be spending the entire week in SPC country:

  • 25 January Agile@Scale
  • 26th SPC Training day 1
  • 27th Training day 2
  • 28th Training day 3
  • 29th Training day 4


Contact us to sign up!

Get in touch for this week-long immersive experience while tickets are available! Check out the offer at the website or send a message to our training advisor, Joost Brugman, at Gladwell Academy: Joost.Brugman@gladwellacademy.com.


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