David Binnerts: “The next level for an Agile Coach: coaching others”

Gladwell Academy has invited David Binnerts, an expert Agile Coach at Shell to speak at the upcoming virtual Agile Coach Conference. He shares his experiences with encouraging Agile Coaches to build an Agile community of practice through a fun, interactive, workshop.

Years of experience

“I began working as a Lean consultant back in 2000, then in 2005 I started being contacted by software customers looking for help applying Lean principles before Agile was widespread. The improvements, it turned out, looked a lot like Agile.”

“I began using these ideas outside software and IT, and in 2012 I was hired to consult for Shell. They were so intrigued the benefits of Agile, they wanted to replicate these ideas all throughout the company. Ever since then I’ve been training Agile Coaches and building a community of Agile Coach practices at their locations around the globe.”


Building a community of practice

“What I think is really important for Agile Coaches is building that community of practice. Within Shell, we’ve made it about cultivating a large group of experts in continuous improvement, who can all trust and rely on each other to keep pushing the envelope. We are always communicating; weekly conference calls sharing coaching experiences, annual ‘Go See’ meetups, all to exchange and communicate new ideas. I’m personally proud of how close-knit and dedicated we are as a community towards continuous improvement.”

“That’s the thing too, we really are a community of practice. Nothing we do is imposed by the organization, and no one is required to participate. My only role is facilitation, you could say I’m the community’s Scrum Master. I want people to learn together; so, no PowerPoints, recordings, or bureaucracy. You have to be there, and you have to be involved if you want to take something away from it. You get out what you put in.


Communicating Agile using Agility

“While I could ‘go on stage’ and tell stories, useful stories, about where and how to use Agile Coaching, but that’s not very Agile. So, I’d rather get people thinking and actively building their own learning in a virtual workshop. I want Agile Coaches to start build communities of practice, I’d show them it’s possible by building a micro-community of practice with the participants.”


Begin building your community

If your curious to hear from David how you can begin building your own community or practice within your own network of Agile Coaches, then be sure to attend the virtual Agile Coach Conference on October 28th, 2020. Tickets are on sale, get yours before it’s too late.


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