Eduardo Alvim: “Adapting Remote RTE Training”

With the World Health Organization’s current guidelines Gladwell Academy finds itself moving its trainings into an online remote only setting. Gladwell Trainer Eduardo Alvim discusses how he has adapted the highly advanced, SAFe RTE course to be effectively taught in a remote classroom.

“A great course!”

Eduardo describes how the traditional in-person RTE course is one of his favorites to teach. “RTE’s usually come to the course excited and ready to collaborate and interact during the course, which makes it fun and exciting for me as a trainer. Every class, people bring in their own experiences and the context they are working in so even I learn something new.

I conducted my first remote RTE course a few weeks ago, and while I’m more used to working face-to-face I’ve learned a lot from the experience. It may be different, but I’m still interacting with the same kind of motivated, excited participants. Remote or in-person, it’s a great course to give.”


Improvise, adapt, overcome

“As soon as it became clear that remote teaching was the only remaining option, the other trainers and I worked together intensively to adapt our content accordingly. We still meet frequently to check student feedback on what worked and what didn’t. I’m glad to say the community of practice we’ve built at Gladwell has really shined in this unexpected situation to create some amazing courses.”


As good as face-to-face training?

Eduardo shared his thoughts on what prospective RTE students could expect from a remote course saying, “It’s simply a different experience sitting in front of your laptop. It’s not worse though, on the contrary I’m finding in some ways it’s better. Ironically the remote courses are proving to be even more interactive.

The various tools, programs, and techniques we’ve incorporated into the remote courses are actually are making a more dynamic experience. More dynamic courses means more engagement. More engagement means more focus on delivering value to our students. RTE’s are still just as eager to learn from each other and share their experiences as ever regardless of the barriers.”


A learning experience

While this current situation has proven difficult for everyone, Eduardo and the other Gladwell Academy trainers are not only adapting but learning from the experience.

“I’ve enjoyed teaching remotely so far, and I have many more remote courses planned. I’m hoping once things return to normal, we’ll continue to offer remote training. While I enjoy travel, the time and energy required limits how much I can teach in places like the U.S.. Soon I’ll teach my first remote course in a US time zone without traveling. It could prove that we can expand our trainings even more internationally now that we’ve developed the tools and adapted the content.”


Gladwell isn’t slowing down, neither should you

Don’t let the misconception that remote classes are not as effective as traditional classes hold back your ambitions. Now is the perfect time to flesh out your role as an RTE with the newly adapted remote courses. Contact us to enroll today!


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