Egor Sviridenko: “Targetprocess gives true visual focus in complexity.”

First-time bronze partners to the RTE Summit, Targetprocess will be looking to demonstrate how RTEs can benefit from their software. Managing Director of Targetprocess Germany Egor Sviridenko: “RTEs are among our key top three personas who see the most value in our solution; naturally, coming to the RTE Summit this year was essential for us.”


Targetprocess is an established business software brand with over 10 years of experience. Their added value is in the visual nature of their platform, which allows organisations to adopt and scale Agile using SAFe, LeSS or even a home-grown framework. “The solution is very flexible and mature, which means that we can cover a wide variety of use cases.”


Central place of truth for business agility

“From a portfolio manager and a business stakeholder who are defining strategic objectives and portfolio epics for the entire company, to a Product Manager who needs to plan roadmaps, and an RTE who would want to visualise work and facilitate the planning across multiple teams, to a scrum master or even someone from the Marketing or another non-IT department –  it’s important to have one place where all these people can see, prioritise and collaborate on the work that is at all times aligned to the company’s business strategy.”


Belfius Bank – a personalised SAFe implementation

“One of our largest clients, Belfius Bank, recently embarked on a major agile transformation journey. Using Targetprocess they were able to support their own approach to the implementation of SAFe framework, which best responded to their business context and organisational challenges – such as multiple short prioritisation steps on all levels, from portfolio to teams, before a PI is committed to. The customer has now achieved collaboration across 1300 people in IT and business functions, where RTEs and Scrum Masters are some of the main users of our application.”


Visualise Everything

“Our main focus for the past few years has been visualization, we put in a lot of effort and know-how into understanding how designers outside of the IT and Agile world visualize all kinds of data to provide fast access to important information to enable effective decision making. By learning from them, we were able to make Targetprocess a visually powerful solution which helps big organisations focus in scenarios of high complexity, which many other tools fail to support with. At the Summit we will demonstrate many of these features, such as our PI Planning Board, which we believe to be best of class today.”


If you want to hear more about how Targetprocess can help with scaling Agility, come to this year’s RTE summit! Tickets sales are picking up, so be sure to purchase your tickets if you want to join.



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