Leading SAFe certification

Leading SAFe: Everything you need to know

Have you heard about the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and how it can bring both Agile and Lean ways of working to large organizations? Maybe your organization has decided to adopt SAFe but you don’t know where to begin? The Leading SAFe course answers all your questions as you begin your SAFe journey and earn your SAFe Agilist certification.

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The course

We asked Gladwell Academy trainer Renate Cremer to describe what the course has to offer prospective participants. “This two-day course is meant to give you a starting point to design the SAFe implementation; it addresses the Big Picture of the SAFe framework and triggers to make efficiency adjustments or change implementation.”


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“Students begin by learning about the potential for growth and adaptation that SAFe can bring to an organization. From there we move into what management at all levels looks like in SAFe, and the different leadership styles and their function under SAFe. We look at how teams are set up and organized including the mindset of a SAFe team, and the reorganization of separate teams into a ‘team of teams.’ The course caps off with students learning the practical needs of setting up the SAFe framework including setting up value streams, product vision, practical matters around PI Planning and the SAFe approach to enterprise IT architecture.”

Leading SAFe Certification

What you can expect to learn

“This program offers a great first step into SAFe, but more importantly it can help you carve out your own role in a changing organization. More importantly, it can show you how you can influence your organization during the transition for both your own benefit, and the organization’s. It gives you the power to make real changes you wouldn’t in a traditional working environment.”

“This course also is structured using the same SAFe framework. You’ll have first-hand experience of how a team-of-teams is structured, and we’ll use the same tools and techniques for team management for the course which you will be learning to use yourself.”

The Leading SAFe Certification

Included in the course will be an opportunity to take the Leading SAFe 5.0 Scaled Agilist certificate. A one-year certified membership as a SAFe Agilist will also be included which grants you access SAFe Agilist community of practice.

According to Renate, “This course and the subsequent certification will together give you the theoretical knowledge, experience of what it feels like to work SAFe, and access to the necessary ‘toolkit’ to deal with any problems during your transformation.”

The student experience

To accurately communicate the value of this course Gladwell Academy reached out to a former student to offer their insights on the course.

“I found that this course offered a great overview of SAFe before diving in deeper. After I finished the training I went right into studying for the Leading SAFe certification, but even before that I started to talk with my colleagues about our transformation. It had taken a lot of learning and training to get there, but I began to get involved in how my organization was changing. While my role in the organization wasn’t directly involved, I found that having this background in SAFe helped me understand and work within the organization during and after the transition.”

“I’d describe myself as a true believer in SAFe, it’s changing both our way of working and our behavior for the better. “

Download Leading SAFe brochure

Get SAFe and get certified today

As more and more organizations are realizing that Agile is here to stay, now is the time to enter the world of SAFe and jumpstart your transformation. Contact us at Gladwell Academy to arrange your Leading SAFe certification today!



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