“SCAIN may invite learnings that are less available in India.”

Looking for better answers is the way forward, says Deepti Jain, co-chair at Scaling Agile India 2019.

In her 14-year career as a software professional, Deepti Jain has gone from being a software engineer to a senior software engineer, to a team lead, to a project lead… to founding her own consultancy AgileVirgin and working as Initiative Director at a second consultancy, AgileAlliance. She also works as an SPC via Gladwell Academy, conference host for SCAIN 2019. The “regular drill”, as she puts it. “The Agile way of working is something so superior it’s difficult not to be blown away. That’s because it holds the potential to help businesses scale efficiently like no other!” Deepti emphasizes.


Massive impact

To explain how critical it is to have a proven system that can efficiently direct large software companies and IT enterprises, she uses a simple analogy, “It’s like pivoting a Titanic. There’s so much at stake, so whatever you do can have a massive impact.“

Organizations need to learn how they can experiment, explore, align to robust practices and yet remain stable without resisting change. And Agile is the way forward because organizations now realize doing things randomly is fraught with heavy risks.


Scared of new learnings?

“I would go so far as saying some of the large organizations may be a little scared in confessing they don’t have all the answers. Everyone is watching them and that can be kind of unnerving.” Deepti says.

Not acknowledging that there are quite a few things they don’t know hurts organizations. That’s because by not acknowledging, they are refusing opportunities of continuous learning.  And the future of businesses almost fully rests upon their ability to implement digital systems that work. Recognizing and embracing best practices is one challenge organizations of all sizes are battling.

“You know, that’s what makes Scaling Agile India 2019 so promising. It offers tremendous scope for industry professionals to learn and see for themselves what Agile is capable of.” She adds.


Impressive takeaways

At the conference, you can network with people who’ve implemented Agile and seen the outcomes. But there’s more, says Deepti, who will also be the Co-Chair at the Scaling Agile India conference.

“The kind of learning this conference and the training workshops will bring are mostly not available in India.” she points out. She’s referring to the variety of high-impact training workshops at Scaling Agile India, like Training SAFe for Architects (ARCH) and Training Agile for Hardware. Such combinations aren’t available elsewhere.

Participants can look forward to striking conversations with speakers and fellow attendees, something that will help their organizations deliver better value for customers in the long run. Because the seats are filling up fast, it’ll be a good idea to book your ticket right away!


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