Renate Cremer: “The perfect time to become an Agile Coach”

At Gladwell Academy we are moving forward with our Agile Coach courses, adapting them to be offered remotely. According to Agile Coach Trainer Renate Cremer “crises like this are exactly when Agile Coaches are needed most,” and she has already begun to consider how this period of isolation will change the way we work and teach Agile.

An evolution in Agile Coaching

While Renate has been hard at work adapting our existing coaching content to be taught remotely, she has already begun looking to the future considering how to apply this experience to the Agile Coaching curriculum.

“I’m looking to incorporate remote training into all aspects of the existing Agile Coach course. We’d be steadily blending remote training into the existing course work; how to achieve the same results we’ve always focused on but using remote tools.

In addition to that I want to add a new module to explicitly teach what it means to coach through a screen. We’d arrange time to deal with how to coach remotely with issues like: group coaching in a Zoom meeting, how to grasp underlying group dynamics when not meeting face-to-face, and how to stop a meeting and arrange a one on one call if there’s a private problem.”

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A new standard

Having Concluded her first batch of remote courses, Renate is excited to apply what she has learned. “While this crisis is terrible, we’ve at least been able to break through some of our pre-existing barriers. I’ve learned a lot about how to function as a coach/facilitator through screens, how you as a coach can receive stimulation from a team without being there in person. Also, the remote training has forced us to trim some of the ‘waste’ from our courses. Time spent on traveling, being able to jump right into the content, and less delays and scheduling mishaps just to name a few examples.”


Agility is adaptation

“Remote working was already becoming an increasingly large part of modern working life. This crisis has shown us places where he had been operating less efficiently, and forced us to rapidly find solutions. It has been a true test for me as an Agile Coach, but one I know has made me a better one. We can take what we’ve learned and make a newer, better, and leaner system for working and teaching,  passing those lessons to new Agile Coaches. This is really an exciting time to become an Agile Coach.

Now is the time

You heard it from Renate, be one of the first to take the first steps on an all new Agile Coaching journey. whether online or in-person you’ll walk away equipped to deal with any Agility challenge.


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