The upcoming SAFe 5.0 update is every reason for Pranjal Swarup to visit SCAIN2019

Scaled Agile Partner Manager for ASEAN and keynote speaker at Scaling Agile India (SCAIN) 2019, Pranjal Swarup, gives an inkling of what we can expect on December 6th and 7th

An experienced business technologist himself, Scaled Agile Partner Manager for ASEAN, Pranjal Swarup is deeply familiar with the issues encountered by SAFe coaches when working with their client organizations. He will speak on the competencies needed to achieve business agility, as the next chapter after IT and development agility, in the race to deploy innovative technical solutions more quickly and keep up with customer demand.


Digital Disruption

“In a world being ‘eaten by software’,” says Swarup, “Business agility is completely dependent on an organization’s ability to create and deploy innovative digital systems. That, in turn, requires the mastery of core technical competencies — including Team and Technical Agility, implementation of DevOps and a Continuous Delivery Pipeline, and Lean Portfolio Management.”

He pauses: “And yet, business agility demands even more.”

“Because if organizations want to succeed going forward, all aspects of the enterprise — leadership, sales, marketing, operations, supply, manufacturing, finance, legal, HR and more— must become more agile and adaptive, and more fluid in its organization. These teams need to be more Agile in their approach and must also understand how to work with an agile technology organization to make a more fluid organization.”


Plethora of conferences

Swarup has high expectations for SCAIN: “Most of the many conferences you see in India are really little more than a marketplace, with little actual learning going on. SCAIN might turn out more of a platform where enterprises and individuals exchange genuinely valuable insights – such an event, reoccurring annually, would be an addition to what’s already here.”

Learn about the new version of SAFe!

With the new version of SAFe being released in 2020, visiting SCAIN2019 is an excellent opportunity to ask Pranjal Swarup your questions about it, and about the role of business agility in SAFe. Register now to secure your spot at Scaling Agile India.



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