Enlist in our ‘RTE Bootcamp’ and begin your RTE Journey in only One Week

Join up with Gladwell’s ‘RTE Bootcamp’ for a full week and learn all the needs and requirements of an RTE through the mentorship, knowledge, and experience of some of the industry’s best and brightest RTEs and SPCTs. Begin your RTE by attending the first ever virtual RTE Summit Global on November 9 – 10, followed by our three-day course. 


Scaled Agile Framework: Release Train Engineer Training

Discover Gladwell Academy’s tried and proven effective 3-day program for aspiring RTE’s and Advanced Scrum Masters, including all the requisite examinations and certifications. You will be in for a unique experience as the course will be taught by Eelco Rustenburg, SAFe Program Consultant (SPCT) and a well-known Agilist in the community.


The RTE Summit Global

Dive straight into the waters of the global RTE community. With Gladwell Academy’s RTE in a week program, a ticket to the 5th version of the RTE Summit (held virtually for the first time) will be included with the course.

The brainchild of Andres Jansen, the RTE Summit is the largest gathering of RTEs to share their collective knowledge and experience with other RTEs, cooperatively advancing their individual careers and their collective role as RTEs.

“As an RTE, you will need a network to rely on when you encounter new challenges. The RTE Summit is the single best opportunity to build that network.”-Andres Jansen, RTE Summit founder and chairman

RTE Bootcamp from November 9th – 13th,
have a look at the offer here!

A one of a kind lineup

Aside from an introduction by Andres Jansen, expect an expert lineup of experienced RTEs at the RTE Summit Global. Nowhere else can you hear from various industry experts and some of the most prestigious RTEs, SPCTs, and other leaders and innovators in Agile.

The RTE Summit will be hosted from professional film studio and will feature the latest industry technology and techniques to make the virtual gathering as stimulating and informative as an in-person event.

Set off on your RTE journey today!

For more Information contact Joost Brugman at Joost.brugman@gladwellacademy.com or check out our offer here , and don’t miss out on this one of a kind week long dive into your new role as an RTE.


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