Exploiting synergies: Gladwell Academy and wibas jointly offer the “Implementing SAFe® (SPC)” training course in German

The “Implementing SAFe® (SPC)” training course is part of the Gladwell Academy’s SAFe training portfolio. While all Gladwell Academy training courses were previously conducted in English, prospective SAFe 5.0 Program Consultants in Germany have been able to learn in their native language since September: the “Implementing SAFe® (SPC)” training course is offered in German on a total of four dates in 2020. These training courses are organised by the Gladwell Academy in cooperation with wibas GmbH, a leading provider of SAFe® training.


Miranda Goossens, CEO of Gladwell Academy, explains how this collaboration came about. “We have known wibas for a long time as an Agile training provider in Germany,” says Goossens. “Every “Implementing SAFe® (SPC)” training course is led by a SAFe® Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) or SPC validated co-trainer. Of course, the Gladwell Academy has several competent SPCTs. But the sticking point is that none of them speak German.”


Partnership is of great importance for the German market

Also the number of training providers employing an SPCT in-house is limited in Germany. One of them is wibas GmbH with head office in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt. “With wibas we not only have the same way of working in common,” continues Goossens. “We also pursue the same strategy and our objectives are very similar: first-class quality and an individual approach to specific problems or tasks. The partnership with wibas is of great importance to the Gladwell Academy for the German market.”


Remote and face-to-face training with concrete first-hand examples

Gladwell Academy are excited to offer “Implementing SAFe® (SPC)” courses in German. These courses will be taught by SPCT instructors in a live, remote environment and face-to-face classroom.

During the 4-day (5 days for remote events) “Implementing SAFe® (SPC)” training course, participants are trained to become leading change agents. They not only benefit from wibas’ and Gladwell Academy’s extensive experience with remote and hybrid training, but also from many concrete examples from practice, which play a major role in the entire training process.

The first of the four training courses was already held with great success in Darmstadt at the beginning of September. Further dates:


Accumulated expertise of renowned SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCT)

Simon Porro, SPCT of wibas GmbH and technical director and coach of the wibas Agile Scaling Team, leads the four trainings. He has been working as a consultant, assessor, coach and trainer for performance improvement in international organisations for more than 25 years. In his role as SAFe® Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) of Scaled Agile Inc, he trains and coaches people on their way to becoming certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC).

In addition to Porro, the training sessions are accompanied by a SPC validated co-trainer or SPCT (candidate). Participants in the October training course will benefit from two highly experienced SPCTs: The 5-day remote training is co-led by Simon Porro and Michael Stump, SAFe® Fellow and previously Vice President of Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI). As a Lean Agile Leader, Stump acts as a mentor to executives and board members on modern thinking, principles and practices to support business agility. He specialises in global growth strategies and transformations in decentralised multicultural companies.

The advantages of the partnership between Gladwell Academy and wibas GmbH for clients and training participants in Germany are obvious: the two companies are combining their extensive experience and expertise in the field of transformation for this series of training courses. “The trainers of both companies know exactly what they are talking about,” says Miranda Goossens. “After all, they’re all actively working on the front lines themselves!”


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