Geertje de Jong: “A network of Agile knowledge”

Look into the ‘behind the scenes’ of the work that keeps the trainings running at Gladwell Academy, with Global Business Developer manager Geertje de Jong. Geertje talks about how she tries to offer her clients more than just a training: she offers them knowledge and peace of mind.


Not just a business development manager

“I always try to do more for the people who come to me looking for trainings than just offering them advice, you have to, or everyone ends up unhappy. It’s important to consider how every client reaches out to you at a unique point in their Agile or Scaled Agile transformation. I try to listen carefully to understand where they are and suggest the best program to help them reach that next level of Agility.”

“To do this I have to be very knowledgeable about everything we do here at Gladwell Academy. Everyday I’m talking with trainers and consultants, or chatting with participants after a training, or monitoring the current trends in Agile organizations. My secret to staying on top of what training is just right for each organization is actively ‘reading the pulse’ of a big network of contacts and information streams.”


A case study in Agile sales: in-company trainings

“Recently, I’ve really been trying to encourage more organizations to invest in large-scale in-company trainings. They’re one of the best options available for an organization, it allows Gladwell Academy to tailor the training and the course content to the organization. When we have an organization looking for training in, let’s say insurance, we can assign a trainer, coach and/or consultant who has experience working with the problems insurance organizations may face throughout their transformation.”

“In-company trainings really are the best option for an organization, it’s not just how you work, they can really change how they interact with their customers, and even with their colleagues. When the whole organization follows the same course with the same trainer, it injects a new energy into the group.”

“In-company trainings represent a considerable investment though. So, my job is to show them why in-company trainings are really in their best interests, from their perspective. It requires a bit of empathy, ‘putting yourself in their shoes.’ The in-company trainings are more cost-effective, and more importantly, when everyone goes to the same training they walk away with the same picture; they all speak the same Agile language.

“If someone comes to me looking for an in-company training, not only are they getting my expertise, but the skills and knowledge of the entire Blinklane Group. There’s so much knowledge out there in Agile and SAFe, there’s no way I, or any one person, could learn everything; so, I maintain that network to can get any information my clients need. I think that extra effort to either know, or know how to find the answers an organization might need before moving forward is really invaluable in making them more comfortable with the investment.”


Tap into our network

If you think that an Agile or SAFe transformation might be just the thing your organization needs, contact Geertje to get all your transformation questions answered.


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