Gladwell Academy begins to experiment with Hybrid Courses

As the world begins the gradual process of returning to normal, the trainers and consultants at Gladwell Academy and Blinklane Consulting are considering how we might facilitate and make the most of this transition by introducing “hybrid” trainings”, which draw on the best qualities of both remote and in-person courses.

In-person or remote training?

Right now, the world of Agile training uncharted territory. There are people who prefer traditional in-person trainings, who enjoy a personal hands-on approach to learning. While at the same time, there are participants who want the added safety of online trainings, or find remote learning more convenient.

The problem we are now facing is if we try to do one or the other, then someone is being left in an environment they may not be comfortable in. So rather than trying to force the issue either way our team began to look into solutions that would leave everyone satisfied.


Integrating classrooms

While still in the experimental stage- we’ve begun to look into what we’re referring to as “hybrid courses”. They involve a small in-person class, carefully following social-distancing guidelines, and then seamlessly blending online participants into the course.

We wish to emphasize how the in-person participants aren’t getting preferential treatment; the online participants would be just as valuable to the whole learning experience. Using everything we’ve learned from online trainings we’re excited to test out how we can fully incorporate remote participants into an in-person setting. There’s only so much we can work out before hand, so everyone at Gladwell Academy and BlinkLane Consulting is excited to try things out and refine the courses and techniques as we go.”


The best of both worlds

Once our hybrid courses have reached their full potential, our participants will have more freedom of choice and accessibility than ever. Theoretically, participants would be able to get the full course experience, exactly the way you’d prefer. We may even be able create a system where a participant could attend a course in-person one day, then take part in the training from home the next day, giving more participants even more flexibility in attending.


An exciting step forward

BlinkLane Consultant Jiri Oen describes our ambitions for hybrid courses saying, “We have plenty of other ideas and issues we need still to work out, but we won’t know for sure until we try. At this point we just have to do it and give it our all.”

If you are intrigued by concept of hybrid courses or feel they may present the opportunity you’ve been looking for to begin your SAFe or Agile journey, follow Gladwell Academy  for all the latest updates on courses and trainings, and consider attending our very first hybrid course, SAFe RTE training from August 31st – September 2nd taught by SPCT Niels Groen


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