Gladwell Academy remotely trains over 170 participants simultaneously!

Okay, here’s a challenge for you. At Gladwell Academy, we recently remotely trained an organization that produces hardware and advanced technology. This training on SAFe practices presented a new threshold for us, as it brought our training to a scale previously unheard of!

Our trainers bringing everything together

In preparation for this monumental undertaking, Gladwell Academy’s trainers brought everything they had learned about remote trainings together to make this course they’re best yet. Lead by SPCT Ali Hajou, our trainers worked together extensively, cooperating and coordinating their efforts.

During the training this high level of communication and cooperation continued as trainers worked together using a wide variety of media and online tools to enrich the participant experience. They taught via video conferencing through Microsoft teams, incorporated mural.co as an online whiteboard that anyone could access and edit, and even incorporated fun games like SAFe City in which players build a city together using SAFe practices.


A class of classes

Rather than trying to have the training of such a large group take place as a giant lecture, Gladwell’s trainers recognized the value of small groups and personal interaction in the learning process. We realized that in a remote classroom – no matter how big the group – everyone has ‘a front row seat’. By dividing the class into smaller classes, the trainers where able to offer a more in-depth experience than they could have otherwise. The course itself reflected the SAFe framework, but instead of a team of teams it was a ‘class of classes’.

The trainers where equally proud of their participants efforts as well. They all felt that their participants where lively, engaged with the material, eager to learn, and accomplished a lot throughout the training.


Just the beginning

Like always, Gladwell Academy’s ambitious trainers are not prone “rest on their laurels,” and are already looking into feedback from the course for ways to improve even further. If you are looking to rapidly and radically transform how your organization works you can trust that Gladwell Academy has just the training for you. Contact us and begin your SAFe transformation today!


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