Gladwell and BlinkLane organise a Summit for SAFe Release Train Engineers

On November 14, Gladwell Academy will organise the RTE Summit for the second time, a two-day event organised for and by SAFe Release Train Engineers. During the event – called RTE Summit 2.0 – Release Train Engineers share knowledge and experiences with each other and participants are presented with an extensive and interactive program.



The role of Release Train Engineer (RTE) is new to many organisations, but determines the success of a Lean/Agile adoption. The main responsibilities of the RTE are to facilitate the main events and processes and support the teams in delivering value. RTEs communicate with stakeholders, escalate obstacles, help manage risk, and encourage continuous improvements to the programmes. Actually, it is a Super Scrum Master who acts as a serving leader and coach for the Agile Release Train (ART) and works on a continuously improving system of Agile Teams.


RTE Summit 2.0

After a successful first edition of the RTE Summit, Gladwell Academy, the training practice of BlinkLane Consulting, decided to hold another event. The RTE Summit is aimed at professionals who (will) play a SAFe * RTE role.


During an all-day programme RTEs can attend case presentations and actively participate in various workshops and interactive sessions. The content focuses solely on subjects relevant to RTE’s. Sharing expertise among peers is also an important objective, as well as expanding the network.


The RTE Summit 2.0 will take place on November 14th at the Heineken Experience Center in Amsterdam. Based on feedback, it has been decided to also organise an evening programme this edition: the RTE Boost. This starts the evening before (November 13) with a 3-course workshop dinner and subsequent network drink. After the night, the RTE Boost will conclude with a morning programme, in the hours prior to the start of the RTE Summit. This additional, unique session is provided by the country’s most experienced SAFe experts: Eelco Rustenburg, Andres Jansen and Niels Groen.


Rustenburg, Partner at BlinkLane Consulting, is Agile Master and Safe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) **, Jansen is SPC4, PSM, PSPO and LeSS practitioner, professionally affiliated with BlinkLane Consulting, while Groen, Partner at BlinkLane Consulting, has extensive lean and agile expertise and extensive knowledge on the cutting edge of IT governance, IT (project) management and improving operational effectiveness. He is also SPC4.


The reason for organising the event, Gladwell Academy states: “There is much demand for sharing knowledge between Release Train Engineers, on the one hand because it is about a new role in the Agile organisation, on the other hand because the number of RTEs in organisations is still limited. It is not easy for RTEs to get in touch with other RTEs because of their busy agendas and high demands from the business. The times when they share knowledge and experience are scarce.”



RTE Summit 2.0 kicks off with a Quick Scan, which lists the most important topics of the participants. Parallel sessions will focus on a few topics which have been selected by the group. After the scan, various cases and workshops alternate with active breaks. Eelco Rustenburg and Andres Jansen provide inspiring presentations, addressing the daily issues of and opportunities for an RTE. Rustenburg will address ‘Disruptive ‘soft skills ‘ for the RTE’ – followed by a plenary workshop on the same topic – Andres Jansen is giving a presentation on ‘Become friends with KPI addicts from P&C and PMO’, with the subsequent plenary workshop ‘Reporting for RTEs’.


Also, RTEs can focus on Agile Release Train cases (ART), entitled: “Super ART – moving from Component Teams to Feature Teams” (provided by Philips Healthcare) and “The company that works with Normalised Estimation in all ARTs” (provided by Bosch). The last formal programme component consists of an information market, participants get the chance to discuss topics they want advice on, or things they wish to share. At the end of the day, participants will be offered the Heineken Experience Tour and the day will conclude with network drinks. Please take a moment to watch the video below for an impression of last year’s event. 


Gladwell Academy organises many more SAFe events and training. Consider the three-day RTE training – Scaled Agile Framework: Release Train Engineer – which will take place on November 30, December 1 and December 2 (including Scaled Agile RTE certification). 


* ‘The Scaled Agile Framework’ (SAFe) is a framework that allows large organisations to implement a more Agile manner of working. With SAFe, organisations can implement widely implemented Agile principles and methods, such as Scrum, which are usually focused on individual teams. Many Agile/Scrum teams can work simultaneously in this way, and can offer more value faster as a ‘team-of-teams’.


* The SPCT certification is the highest possible certification provided by Scaled Agile and is intended for professionals who possess excellent knowledge, skills and experience in implementing agile processes within organisations based on SAFe.



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