He has not spoken in over 50 countries; he’s coming to not speak here, as well.

Motivational non-speaker Steve Barnett, also known as ‘The Silent Conductor’, gives us a hint of what we can expect on the November 12th at the RTE Summit. 


Originally from South Africa, Steve Barnett’s unique non-verbal method of bringing large groups of people together is something to watch out for at this year’s Summit. His captivating performance builds on compelling notions of tribal culture to give a high-spirited and energetic keynote.

Steve has delighted audiences of up to 30,000 people and made lasting impressions on icons such as Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Desmond Tutu, who described him as having ‘an exceptional gift’.


“Even those who hesitate at first, undergo a transformation.”


Teams flourish when they are in cadence

“Creating an orchestra from an entire audience of non-musicians is something I have been doing for the past twenty-three years. No matter who is in the audience, from what background they come from, everyone can come together to create this interactive experience.”

Having performed in front of audiences as small as 30 and as large as 30,000, he’s looking forward to getting 200 RTEs to ‘leave their analytical mindset’. “It doesn’t matter what size the audience is; by only using body language and facial expressions together with the audience I can create a transformational experience that many could never imagine achieving.”


Resistance is futile

“Even those who are hesitant undergo a transformation, which is why being a part of this experience is so valuable. It teaches you how to motivate and unite large groups of people who have never worked together by using a non-spoken language to rally people behind a common goal.”


Learn how to lead the crowds!

Get ready for an inspiring performance at the Bimhuis, the heart of jazz in Amsterdam. Tickets are selling fast, so reserve your seat today.


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