Herbert Schönebeck: “Typical mistakes when starting an Agile transformation”

At this year’s upcoming Agile for Hardware conference hosted by Gladwell Academy, Herbert Schönebeck from Co-Improve is planning an interactive workshop where he will offer a deep-dive into the typical problems encountered during an Agile transformation.

Expert on Hardware and Agility

Herbert describes how he spent “over twenty-five years in various functions within traditional line-organizations, where I was responsible for a wide variety of different projects. In 2017 I made the transition to Agile as a Co-Improve principle consultant, taking over projects in the context of Agile including pilot Agile programs, extended Agile work approaches, and entire Agile transformations.”

Problems when starting out

At the Agile for Hardware Conference Herbert will hone in on typical problems organizations face when they first begin their Agile transformations. “One of the first things that goes wrong is that senior management rarely properly communicates the transformation to the rest of the company, who are now beginning a transformation but don’t know it.


“Defining a transformation in a ‘command and control’ way is not Agile; everyone has to be informed and involved. What managers often don’t understand is that transformations are different for every company. It can be difficult to measure success as results are often open ended, and each organization’s unique path to a successful transformation needs to be discovered; there’s no shortcuts. When you start an Agile transformation you have to proceed in the appropriate Agile way for your organization.”

A theoretical transformation journey

As to the specifics for his workshop, Herbert prefers to keep his cards to his chest. He does say however that, “We’ll work a theoretical Agile pilot together starting with what needs to be communicated to get started, how to uniformly implement Agile throughout the company, and beginning unified phase-oriented thinking and planning. We’ll be focused more on the process of transforming instead of the transformations.”

Join Herbert on this transformation journey

If you are interested in learning more about what Herbert and other expert speakers regarding Agile what can offer your hardware organization, reach out to Gladwell Academy and get your ticket to the Agile for Hardware Conference today.


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