Pairing Eduardo

Implementing SAFe with Eduardo Alvim: “Powerful, fascinating and fun!”

Following an Implementing SAFe with Gladwell Academy trainers is always a good idea. If you are currently considering signing up though, 30 March is an exceptionally good time to go for. Eduardo Alvim is one of the most practically experienced SAFe change agents we have with us. He’s also a highly talented and entertaining trainer. He will join Scaled Agile‘ own Deema Dajani to become a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer. 


The SAFe Program Consultant Trainers are a limited community of highly experienced professionals in Business Agility that SAFe provider Scaled Agile allows to train SPCs. Eduardo Alvim has seen the Scaled Agile Framework from all sides and shades of success, and he’s looking forward to sharing it with a lucky batch of participants. 

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Special edition SPC course 

“I’ve been building up to this special edition for more than a year. Scaled Agile is extremely demanding towards aspiring SPCTs, which is natural because this is where built-in quality begins in terms of spreading SAFe across the globe. Now, I’ve taught every aspect of the SAFe curriculum numerous times, elaborated on countless concepts with personal anecdotes and stories, but this one will really be exciting to train.” 

Fully remote? And how!  

“It’s going to be a fully remote edition, of course – but don’t let that scare you. We’ve been innovating in ways to make remote work well for everyone since day one of covid, and I’m very comfortable with this new reality these days. Just think of how easy it is to join from wherever you are – our open enrolment courses are so much more cosmopolitan, for one!” 

Bringing SAFe to life 

Deema will co-train with me -she won’t just be there to look over my shoulder. But she will pay specific attention to how I’m doing: can I really make you understand Lean-Agile leadership and bring it to life? Do I link them meaningfully to the roles, rituals and artifacts in SAFe? Am I able to keep the class focused and balance the timebox with discussion depth and a sense of humour?” 

“If all goes well, I’ll become the first SPCT of Brazilian origin, which is nice. I’ll also be the first one fluent in Portuguese, which includes a major part of Latin America. It’ll be great to help bring SAFe to businesses there – although the French market is still what I call home today!” 

Learn from the pros! 

What’s in it for you as an aspiring SAFe Program Consultant? You get to train with two powerhouses of Business Agility. Experienced with digital transformations in industries such as travel, healthcare and pharmaceuticals and many others, Eduardo Alvim is sure to make your learning experience one to remember.

Download Implementing SAFe brochure


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