Jimmy Cams: “Lean Portfolio Management creates efficiency and stability”

As one of the five core competencies of the Lean enterprise, Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) can help you learn to recognize and optimally leverage your organization’s value streams. We reached out to Jimmy Cams, a former participant of the course to get his thoughts on what he learned and how it has impacted his work.

Step-by-Step story building

“The course was great – I can’t think of any other way to describe it. LPM puts a number of distinct principles in sequence, and instructors Matthijs Breeuwsma and Koen Harbers did a fantastic job communicating exactly what LPM was and what it wasn’t. They presented LPM to us as a cohesive story, going through the course step-by-step, giving best practices and real-world examples to make the theory more tangible.”


Personal and personalized

“They made the course distinctly personal: they both shared stories from their own careers, and asked participants to share what are the current obstacles and challenges the participants are dealing with to show how LPM could provide solutions.”

“We didn’t just learn a theory that we had to work out for ourselves. Matthijs and Koen went out of their way to make sure we could jump right into LPM practice. Our instructors communicated a lot of information clearly and inspired us to see how useful LPM could be.”


The value of value streams

“This course has shown me just how important SAFe’s core concepts of value streams and portfolio management are. Our instructors really showed us how these concepts are so necessary, and while you could try to figure them out for yourself, there’s a reason why Scaled Agile asks trainers like these two to show you how best to incorporate them to make your organization run more efficiently.”

“This course has improved my work as a change manager. It’s given me better tools to sell SAFe, for a start. We’ve already seen some success and improvements, and with even more investments in recognizing value streams and our portfolio management I’m sure we can see an even greater improvement.”


What LPM can offer you

“The most important thing I think this course can offer your work is creating efficiency and stability. The course, and SAFe by extension can offer you the tools to make things easier, and can show you how to improve your organization’s flow of work and value to customers.”

“The course was a lightbulb moment for me. My organization had been struggling to scale Agile up to the train level. Then the course came around and already had exactly the solutions we had been searching for all along in easy to use incremental templates. We could have wasted time and energy banging out our own solutions, but SAFe had already done all the work for us.”


Discover Lean Portfolio Management for yourself

If you’re currently trying to find a way to make your organization more efficient and stable, perhaps consider Gladwell Academy’s Lean Portfolio Management course, or another of its many SAFe, Lean, and Agility courses today.


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