Jobbeke de Jong: “A team is not the sum of its members”

Jobbeke de Jong is founder and director of Tachles: a company that helps organizations optimize team performance through interventions based on systems thinking. At this year’s virtual Agile Coach Conference on October 28th, she aims to facilitate Agile Coaches in experiencing teams as a ‘whole’. This is the basis for intervening in the ‘undercurrents’ of team dynamics.


The ‘undercurrents’ of a group

“In my career, I have specialized in group dynamics from a systems perspective. The effect that group behavior has on individuals has always fascinated me. Now, when it comes to the group’s performance, the ‘undercurrent’ of a group is absolutely essential. Understanding that a group as a whole is not the same as the sum of its members is an important step in freeing group potential to achieve concrete results.”

“I founded Tachles with a mission to help professionals and leaders see and understand group dynamics by applying systems-thinking. An in-depth understanding of ‘human systems’ helps you facilitate them in ways that have a measurable effect. It maximizes group performance and fun!”

“Tachles offers team programs and courses in system dynamics for coaches, trainers, consultants, and leaders that wish to optimize their own effectiveness and that of the teams they work with.”


Group dynamics in Agile

When asked about her plans for the Agile Coach Conference: “The Agile Coach’s primary task as I understand it is to help teams set up the structures of working together. Knowing how to see the team as a whole rather than a collection of individuals is crucial in creating that productive setting. I want to give Agile Coaches the experience and the tangible tools to see the group as a whole, and to understand the ‘undercurrents’ in the teams and groups they work with.”


Help your teams navigate the undercurrent!

If you want to hear more of what Jobbeke has to offer your teams be sure to attend this year’s virtual Agile Coach Conference on October 28th. Tickets are selling fast, so get yours here today.


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