Leadership Is Key at First Online Edition of Agile@Scale Global


Live, from the studio in Loosdrecht: Agile@Scale Global. An event organized for people not just interested in working agile, but at scale – with hundreds of employees at the same time. Hosted by Eelco Rustenburg and Laurens Bonnema, over 50 participants from all over the world took in presentations, breakout room workshops and roundtable sessions, and enjoyed some comic relief during PowerPoint Karaoke.


On January 25th, the first online edition of Agile @ Scale Global started off with a bang: a keynote speech by Bas Engel, Global Director Scaled Agile Transformation at ASML. As the world's leading manufacturer of chip-making equipment, this company has successfully implemented Agile at scale and continues to lead and inspire.   


Throughout the day, the red thread in every case, presentation and discussion – from climbing the Agile transformation mountain with VodafoneZiggo to introducing agility to the world of mortgages with Florius – was leadership. Effective, enabling, and inspiring leadership is what separates the truly successful business from the ones that never quite get there.

Success Means Talking About Failure

Truly effective leadership means making room for failure. Creating an environment where making mistakes is not just possible, but normal. Because acknowledging your mistakes, dealing with them in an open and constructive manner and then being able to move on is essential to success. Working Agile, you want to make mistakes as soon as you can in order to move forward as soon as possible. Leave your comfort zone, learn on the go and get to the next level of knowledge and skill.


And what better way to learn on the go than entering in a round of PowerPoint Karaoke? More than just a way to keep everyone on the edge of their seats and energized, presenting from a slide deck you've never seen tests your skills in flexibility and getting right back up when you fall down. Laurens and Eelco can't argue with that – figuring out how to host something like this on the go might not have been what they planned, but they certainly ran with it!

Facilitating Social Interaction

We believe one of the highlights of in-person conferences is the interaction between guests. The inspiring conversations you're able to strike up with your fellow participants usually happen at check-in or while getting a cup of coffee during breaks. And it's exactly what a lot of us have been missing this past year. So, why not try to recreate those moments, too?


In three online conferences so far, we've gone all out to create something that resembled an in-person event as much as possible. Using Let's Go Digital's custom platform, the roundtable discussions, multiple breakout rooms, speed-dating sessions and even chatting to our sponsors all contributed to a more personal feel. Paying extra attention to social interaction provided our guests with the opportunity to easily find each other and make connections.


Next Time

We hope our participants enjoyed the event as much as we did, and we look forward to hosting you all again next year – online or offline, we're up for anything!

Thank you Agility Masters for Sponsoring!

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