Maaike Klasen: “Ethics in Agile Coaching.”

Maaike Klasen, an experienced Agile Coach and Scrum Master, gives us an idea of the workshop she intends to host at the virtual Agile Coach Conference on October 28th. She is planning to delve into the “Ethics in Agile Coaching”, and you can expect a deep dive into how to balance the tightrope of transparency and confidentiality within an Agile organization.

Who is Maaike?

Maaike began her career as an Educational Psychologist and Play Therapist but it wasn’t long before she found herself as a team lead in an IT-organization, where she applied her background in psychology as well. Today she works as a Scrum Master and guides other Scrum Masters as an Agile Coach in coaching and team development at PWN and previously ABN Amro and Schiphol. Plus, she is affiliated with the International Coaching Federation (ICF Netherlands) as a board member and certified coach, working with Dave West from Scrum.org on bridging ICF coaching and Scrum.


Ethics in Agile Coaching?

“In coaching you work from a coaching agreement: you promise to keep the information you discuss with individuals in coaching confidential. But it’s easy to get confused about how that rhymes – or conflicts – with transparency. Scrum is all about transparency: what are you doing, what are you working on? The entire Kanban board is about visualizing work. How then can you be a transparent coach when you have to keep certain subjects confidential?”


Presumptuous Managers

“What should a coach do when they are pressured by a manager to reveal confidential coaching information about a team member? Managers may be tempted to come to you regarding that information for employee performance. How do you manage and balance confidentiality with expectations?”


Well-Meaning Slips

Maaike provides an anecdote about ethical coaching when there are conflicts within a team. “As a Scrum Master you have a coaching role both to the entire team and to individual members. When coaching individuals regarding conflicts between team members there can be a serious temptation to reveal confidential information in order to resolve the conflict. Again, a place where ethics should be considered.”


Join Maaike for an exciting event

Join Maaike at the Agile Coach Conference on October 28th 2020, virtually from professional film studio Let’s Go Digital. The conference will feature a wide variety of case studies, interactive digital workshops, and networking opportunities custom tailored to Agile Coaches, while still relevant most people working Agile, SAFe, or Scrum in general. Tickets are available now.


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