Save the Date! Agile@Scale Global, January 25 promises ‘sparks of insight’

Eelco Rustenburg and Niels Groen,  SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCT) and twin driving forces behind Gladwell Academy’s Agile @ Scale Global, explain why you should Save the Date of January 25, 2021


Eelco, chairman of the event: “The Agile ways of working are having a tremendous impact on even the largest organizations of our world. Having left the world of software and product development behind, the new mantra is ‘business agility’ – or agility across the entire organization. Time to have a meeting of the minds between executives and Agilists, to share experiences and chart the journey ahead.”

The price and the prize

Eelco continues: “What I look forward to are… exciting contributions from businesses and organizations that have gone far in their journeys to become more light-footed, to establish tighter ties between strategy and delivery. The structures they’ve had to overthrow, contrasted with the benefits it has brought them. We’ve seen corporates bring down their time-to-market from 18-months to three during a five-year collaboration. But it means enormous change for the entire business, of course.

Fellow SPCT Niels Groen chimes in: “Then there are masterclasses, break-out sessions on specific topics – Lean Portfolio Management, Agile Leadership, SAFe 5.0, Agile in Finance and Control, KPIs and OKRs… we’re currently putting together a program to more than satisfy everyone’s curiosity.”


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Executives and Agilists

Niels continues: “When Eelco Rustenburg and I designed the event, we could have chosen to invite and attract Agilists only, or to limit ourselves to the executives in our network. Instead, this event we’re deliberately looking to introduce the one to the other. The reason is simple: you learn most from what is new than what is known. It’s going to be a lively event, buzzing with ideas and sparks of insight – I’m sure of it!”


More information?

We’re currently working on building the speaker line-up, program outline and ticketing. Mark the date in your calendars, and keep an eye on your inbox and our events page for more updates!


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