More than a showcase of Agile tooling

Gianfranco Franceschi visits the RTE Summit to share his experiences on automating a distributed Planning Event, with several different tools like Rentouch PI planning or Retrium Retrospectives, at international publishing house WoltersKluwer. But he also looks forward to sharing his work as a Scrum Master – one whose job is starting to look a lot like that of an RTE. “It’s a slippery slope and I still have a lot to learn, but I also have learnings to share.”


Shifting balance

“I think my story is an example of how an organization slowly grows into RTE-type ART coordination. At least, that’s how I currently see it. I’m not nominally an RTE, but my work as a Scrum Master is starting to look a lot like what an RTE does. I organize the Scrum of Scrums for example, and the PI planning retrospective. But it’s still a joint task – I work a lot with my counterpart, the head developer. Our Release Train concerns Twinfield, an online platform for enterprise accounting that became part of WoltersKluwer in 2011.


Distributed ART

What’s special about our development ART is that a lot of it is distributed: we’re 120 developers located in five different countries: The Netherlands, Ukraine, India, Romania and Spain. Getting everyone together for PI planning is quite the task – let me tell you about the time our Romanian team drove all the way to Hoevelaken from Romania…


Rentouch PI planning tool

Among others, we’re using Rentouch’s PI planning tool to prepare for and support each and every PI event, and I’m going to show everyone how it improved our experience. But I’m also looking forward to share input on other tools with regard to three specific challenges: connectivity, time zones and information radiators.

That last topic especially is interesting because we keep on figuring out ways to better share the substantially large pictures that emerge from combining the multiple planning boards involved and we keep going in automating the experience of a distributed Planning Event.

In all, it should make for an interesting experience / both for myself and for other RTEs or Scrum Masters.”


More from Gianfranco?

Gianfranco Franceschi will present at the RTE Summit alongside experts such as Eelco Rustenburg, Kay Buring and with a remote Q&A with SAFe founder Dean Leffingwell. Tickets are selling out fast, so reserve your seat today at rte-summit.com to join us on November 13th in the Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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