Eduardo Alvim: “Moving Leading SAFe online”

Gladwell Academy trainer Eduardo Alvim has been hard at work adapting our course content for remote teaching. A candidate to become SAFe Program Consultant Trainer, he recently taught his first remote Leading SAFe course and has walked away excited and motivated to make the course even better.

A SAFe foundation

“This has always been one of the best courses in SAFe. We go over a lot of different subjects around managing and leading change. This course is especially interesting for leaders who want to change their organization, from strategic leaders all the way to the executive level.

The course offers a great ‘foot in the door’ to SAFe. We cover the different disciplines you need to think about, where and how to engage with different teams and groups in your organization, and how to use an analytical view on everything without going too much into the details.”


The remote classroom

“Even though we’ve begun to teach classes remotely it hasn’t changed the structure of the course, only the tools we use to teach it. Normally we’d use lots of open-ended questions, games, and flip charts to encourage everyone to share their experiences openly.

We still do this remotely, but we are using digital breakout rooms to spread the class into smaller more intimate discussion groups. The discussions and interactions that take place in these groups are essentially the same as would happen in an in-person course. Then when the groups return to the main conference, they will share what they discussed offering their ideas to the rest of the class. The only effective difference is they are not face-to-face.”


Looking ahead

“What works in an in-person classroom doesn’t necessarily work during remote training. That doesn’t make the remote courses any less an excellent resource. We’re looking to make the remote training experience another great resource in addition to in-person trainings; distinct but just as good.”


Get your foot in the door

If you’ve been concerned that you wouldn’t get the full Leading SAFe experience remotely, fear not. The course offered by Eduardo and our other trainers has been adapted and proven successful. Contact us to register for your Leading SAFe program.


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