My internship with Gladwell Academy

Beginning in Feburary 2020, Andrew Dion started a copy-writing internship with Gladwell Academy. We asked him to reflect on his months with us. “A supportive environment, consistently attentive to my personal and professional development.”


A warm reception and good friends at Gladwell Academy

On the first day of my internship at Gladwell Academy I received a warm welcome from my new colleagues. Actually, it would be fair to say that everyone at Gladwell Academy went out of their way to demonstrate not only how to work effectively as a member of a dynamic team, but that when working you can and should count on your colleagues to both encourage and support you.

Once settled in I began my work writing copy, gradually becoming more and more skilled thanks to the attention and mentorship from my lively and knowledgeable mentor, expert content writer Boris de Jong.” [Editor’s note: Aww shucks. Thanks, Andrew!]


A culture of Agility

While working at Gladwell Academy, I was also continuing to work towards expanding my education with a full-time master’s program. Before long I quickly found that the demands of long hours writing my thesis, attending class, and writing content at Gladwell Academy were too much. The strain left me exhausted and unable to put my best work forward.

Eventually I broke down and admitted to how overworked I felt. I shouldn’t have been surprised but, everyone at Gladwell Academy was very supportive, and we were able to adjust my workload together to make both my education and work manageable.

Shortly after this the world was hit by the Covid-19 Crisis, and in Agile fashion I saw Gladwell Academy adapt quickly under pressure. The team’s safety was the company’s primary goal, and the shift to working remotely was smooth and efficient. For myself the change made little difference, I was still working and communicating with the same people, only the subject matter of my writing had changed.


A foot in the door

As my internship with Gladwell Academy comes to a close, I’ve received a lot of feedback from my teammates about how far my skills have come. Through my mentorship, trust placed in me to accomplish my tasks my own way, and practice, I feel confident bringing my copywriting to new organizations in the future.


Gladwell Academy offers a great place to get started

If you are someone looking at Gladwell as somewhere to maybe get your foot in the door, expect a positive and thorough learning experience, with a great team who will work with you, instead of you just working for them.


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