“Partnering with Scrum.org means we train Scrum properly.”

Scrum.org has included Gladwell Academy as a partner in their global Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Network. Since Scrum was one of the first Agile trainings we started offering at Gladwell Academy, we have plenty of experience with this exciting framework. By leveraging our network of global trainers, we can now offer Scrum taught by certified PSTs. 


Experienced trainers

“Scrum was hot five years ago when Gladwell Academy began, and it’s still hot today,” says Miranda Goossens, CEO at Gladwell Academy. “It’s a great way to start practicing Agile principles, it suits both large and smaller organizations, so it’s always been quite popular.”

She continues: “By working in partnership with certified PSTs Yuval Yeret and Oded Tamir at AgileSparks, we can leverage the Scrum.org brand and gain access to the knowledge exchange that membership of the PST entails.”

Hanne Jacobs

Fascinating revelations

Hanne Jacobs, Gladwell Academy trainer: “Because Scrum is for many teams their first encounter with working Agile, my groups are usually still quite unaware of what it means to practice the Agile mindset. To see them stunned by the revelation is a fascinating thing to see. I’m not a certified PST myself, but I completely understand the framework and its appeal.”

Practice, not just theory!

“I’m happy that Scrum.org acknowledges our dedication to teaching the proper theory of Scrum. As for myself, it’s my job to keep participants focused on the practice in their own organisations. After people pass the Scrum.org exam, is when the actual challenge begins for them. You learn Scrum… by Scrumming.”

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