Platinum partner CollabNet VersionOne: “Insight into the delivery process is vital to RTEs.”

After visiting last year’s RTE Summit, platinum partner CollabNet VersionOne is once again looking forward to this year’s RTE event. Enterprise Account Director Olav Maassen: “whether you’re using enterprise Agile or more traditional methods, we have an option for everyone.”


CollabNet is an established brand with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. VersionOne is its main agile product, with suites such as TeamForge more suitable for waterfall organizaitons. “So we carry a wide range of products with the overall goal of helping enterprise organisations accelerate software development and delivery.”


Both Waterfall and Agile approach

“Our main Agile platform VersionOne helps with planning, execution, and strategy when scaling agile in your organization. We also support Waterfall planning styles though, mainly with our TeamForge ALM platform. Both of these can be linked to our delivery pipeline, allowing you to support the whole value stream regardless of whether you’re using enterprise Agile or more traditional methods, we have an option for everyone.”


VS Value Stream Management

“The real value for companies nowadays comes from an unified Agile and DevOps approach that is aligned to business objectives with our VS offering: the reason being that when you’re an RTE looking at the work being delivered, at one point, teams will say they’re done.”

He pauses: “But the work of an RTE doesn’t end there.”

“As RTE you want to have insight into the whole delivery process: from the initial idea creation through to delivery and ensuring those deliverables drive business outcomes. Having both VersionOne and Continuum provides the transparency and visibility that RTEs need.”


Visiting the RTE Summit

“The RTE Summit offers a platform for conversations on a whole new level, the participants at the conference are always interested in learning more and sharing experiences. The maturity of the SAFe market has grown significantly and now as an industry we are at this level where we can help organisations scale their agile initiatives and connect all these initiatives and all the underlying data to the company’s corporate goals to create meaningful and actionable information.”


Become a part of the conversation

If you want to hear more about how CollabNet VersionOne can help with scaling your agility come to this year’s RTE summit! Tickets sales are picking up, so be sure to purchase your tickets if you want to join!


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