Platinum partner CollabNet VersionOne: “RTE becomes crucial for proper SAFe”

We’re happy to announce that CollabNet VersionOne has decided to become platinum partner for the RTE Summit. Executive Account Director Olav Maassen explains why he looks forward to the event. “I was an Agile consultant for many years. My heart is still very much in the game.”


“First off, in case you’re wondering – the name comes from a merger between two companies that are probably well-known to the experienced Agilist. Today VersionOne is our main agile product – the Enterprise Agile platform. Having merged with CollabNet, the combined company can fully support the wide range of software development organizations: from traditional approaches to version control and enterprise agile. We are also able now to help customers establish Value Stream Management (VSM) and improve their overall process – especially important to organizations who are investing in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.


RTE grows into a SAFe must-have

We’re seeing the RTE grow into a real must-have for organizations that embrace SAFe. I’m personally looking forward to seeing Dean Leffingwell make his appearance, in that respect. Dean has continued to develop SAFe since its inception and with edition 4.0 you can see the framework had matured. I was an enterprise agile coach myself, at the time and my heart is still very much in the Agile game. The relevance and significance of Agile is on the rise with many organization scaling Agile in their organization. This is an exciting time for us in the Agile community..


What will 4.6 be?

Version 4.5 has been another strong iteration, with the inclusion of DevOps and Lean business. In the beginning of October release 4.6 was announced; I’m very interested how this is going to be received. What is the inclusion of Testing in SAFe going to do for the framework? And how is Scaled Agile going to advance the community’s experience in Agile portfolio management, which is still in its infancy? And, what are the implications for Value Stream Management? I look forward to hearing about these things from Dean himself.


Chance encounters

But what’s most interesting about these gatherings isn’t necessarily just the scheduled speakers of course. It’s the conversations you have with people you meet on your own, in between sessions, at the lunch table. Experience shared between experts from everywhere, giving each a fresh insight into whatever they’re facing at home. I tend to take as long as I can at lunch time because you never know who you’re going to bump into.”


More about CollabNet VersionOne?

Besides adopting platinum partnership for the RTE Summit, CollabNet VersionOne also presents a customer case with SimCorp, a worldwide developer of fintech products. More about that in a later article, and of course in the presentation itself…! Get your tickets for the RTE Summit and join us in the Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam on November 13th.


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