Post-Covid Agile Hardware Development (1/2)

Dirk Meißner, managing partner and founder of CO-Improve Consulting has opted to share his four-step for ‘Corona emergency program for development projects’ with us. It leverages Agile ways of working so hardware organizations might recover from social-distancing measures smoothly and quickly.

Step 1: Project recovery check

“Before we can do anything else, we set one day aside to sit down with our clients. We assess together what their most important projects are; why they are having delays; and the consequences. Based on this we discuss with the client which steps would be most useful.”


“Here we evaluate if it is possible to set up projects as Agile projects. While many hardware organizations are resistant to making such a dramatic change when their projects are already in jeopardy, we can promise them based on experience they will see an increase in speed and productivity by twenty, even thirty percent! If the organization agrees and it is possible for the project to switch to Agile, we can then move to Step 2; if not, we would then skip directly to Step 3.”

Step 2: The Agile Boostcamp

“As hardware organizations need to get back to work fast, we’ve organized a special streamlined ten-consultant day, three-week program where we will conduct Agile for hardware training, guide the team’s development of their first product backlog, and monitor their progress over two sprints.”


“Normally this kind of consultation would take somewhere between twenty-five to thirty consulting days, but we understand how much pressure corporate consulting budgets are currently under. We’ve put even more focus on coaching to create an efficiency- I guess you could call it an efficiency domino effect. If the organization finishes the Agile Boostcamp producing value more efficiently, then that’s more time and money that can be reinvested in becoming more Agile, and so on, and so on.”

Find out more in part 2

Tune in to Part 2 (coming soon) where Dirk will continue his deep-dive into CO-Improve’s “Corona emergency program for development projects” with part 3: PEP Essentials where organizations can make their existing projects more efficient, then in part 4: Portfolio Adjustment on how organizations should prioritize which projects should receive attention and resources.


Download Agile voor Hardware brochure


If your hardware organization is struggling after returning to work, then consider following Gladwell Academy’s Agile for hardware course or contacting experienced consultants like Dirk Meissner at CO-Improve.




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