Post-Covid Agile Hardware Development (2/2)

Dirk Meißner, owner and founder of CO-Improve Consulting continues his discussion with Gladwell Academy on the “Corona emergency program for development projects” and how it can help Hardware organizations bounce back following Covid-19 social distancing measures. This article continues from part 1.


Step 3: Product Development Process Essentials

“Once we’ve taught the teams how to work Agile, to work efficiently, that’s when we shift our focus to the macro level. We analyze the cross-functional product development process (PDP or PEP) , which usually exists in every Hardware organization to find additional possibilites to speed up development projects, throw process ballast overboard, and concentrate on the essentials”


“We spend three consulting days ‘diving’ into the ‘waters’ of the organization’s value ‘stream’. Examining the value stream and the critical path of the project we check for any opportunities to streamline the process in general or for the specific project while carefully considering the gains/risks of skipping steps or checks. To keep up the ‘stream’ metaphors, PEP Essentials can help us remove ‘dams’ along the value stream as well as ‘meanders’ to take shortcuts and flow faster, and while there may be an increased risk of flooding we’re careful to minimize that risk for you.”


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Step 4: Portfolio Adjustment

“The last step is in a lot of ways similar to PEP Essentials, but expanded outwards to the portfolio level. We analyze how we can accelerate certain projects by cancelling other projects.”


“In hardware environments, there are usually specialized engineers serving on a large number of projects. Multitasking is common practice and efficiency losses from mental setup times, switching from one project to the other are significant. This makes it difficult to assemble independent Scrum teams that create value. If an organization is able to suspend work on superfluous projects, then these engineers can commit to a single Scrum team. The teams and organization can shift its focus to thoroughly completing a few products, making that revenue, instead of failing to keep a foot in everything.”


Lemons to Lemonade

“While obviously this pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, it at least is pushing organizations to reexamine how they work. People are really beginning the see Agility’s potential to make hardware projects faster and more efficient. They have to, it’s the only way they can catch up now. CO-Improve is no exception. Our Corona emergency program takes a process which normally took four years and boils it down to the essentials that can be delivered over eighteen months.”


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Bounce back from crisis

If you are worried your organization may have suffered and irreversible setback due to Covid-19, not only can Agility help you bounce back; you might emerge stronger than ever. Gladwell Academy offers a robust Agile for Hardware training for organizations at any level, and consider contacting CO-Improve to arrange an Agile consultation today.




If your hardware organization is struggling after returning to work, then consider following Gladwell Academy’s Agile for hardware course or contacting experienced consultants like Dirk Meissner at CO-Improve.




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