Remote SPC Training: “More important, and better than ever.”

Ever since social distancing made impact, we have been hard at work making all of our courses and trainings compatible with remote learning. Through hard work and expertise, trainers like SPCT Anand Murthy Raj have made remote SPC training effective, informative, and enjoyable leaving participants ready to begin their SAFe Program Consultant journey.  

How SPC training has adapted to remote classes

Anand describes: “The first challenge we had to overcome in remote training was to build a sense of trust and camaraderie that we had previously taken for granted in face-to-face interactions. We learned that we have to be more active in asking questions and encouraging feedback, really go the extra distance to make sure their participants were comfortable in the remote classroom.”

“We’ve also been hard at work learning to use many of the same online and digital tools which other remote courses have utilized such as Mural, Google Drive, Zoom and various online quizzes to further enhance the remote learning experience.”

“One method I’m sure our students appreciate is how we are encouraging collaborative learning. For discussions we use separate Zoom breakout rooms and assigned to each of these is a certified SPC who I had previously trained using what they had previously learned in the course to facilitate discussions and carry concepts further. Students seem to really appreciate how even their breakout discussions are facilitated by experienced SPCs.”


Different tools, same training

“Despite these changes to the delivery of the course, it’s important that people recognize that the content has not changed. Some participant arrive at the course apprehensive, it’s like- as if they are already sure the class will not be effective just because it is taught remotely. However, I tell them: ‘if you close your window, how can you expect any light to get in?’ I have to work hard to change their mindset, to get them to stop thinking of it as a remote class, and just a class. “

“We’ve taken all the steps necessary to make up for remote shortcomings. In some ways we’ve found they’re even better than in-person. We use more videos, we find ourselves connecting ideas to the real human elements to explain concepts, we are providing more opportunities to check in with participants giving them a chance to ask more questions or get help. I hope we can carry these concepts back to in-person courses someday.”


The future of SPCs

According to Anand remote training is where the SPC’s future lies. “Remote trainings will likely become the new normal. There will always be the fear of the next pandemic, and we’ve now seen it is possible to move beyond the boundaries of time and place. I can already see how for SPCs the conversation already seems to be shifting how they can be more effective consulting remotely. I’m seeing how many organizations are adjusting their training needs to account for moving more and more work to remote settings.”


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Don’t let your apprehension hold you back!

With the world seemingly ready to adopt more and more remote elements into daily life, don’t allow yourself to be left behind. Now is the time, more than ever, to take the first steps towards becoming an SPC. Enroll in one of Gladwell Academy’s remote SPC courses to stay on top of a changing marketplace.


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