Remotely happy? Participant feedback

Working remote means following remote trainings, too. Is a remote course worth your time? What’s it like? How does Gladwell Academy enhance the experience? Here’s what Jeroen Frenken has to say.


Jeroen Frenken, Product owner business intelligence

Jeroen Frenken attended of one of Gladwell Academy’s very first remote Leading SAFe courses, and he was kind enough to share his experience with us.

“In terms of content, the course was what I had expected. That didn’t vary much from the in-person courses, actually! But the course’s format surprised me more: not from what was different, but really how similar it was to an in-person course. Nice!

Some differences remain of course. Firstly, the course was split into two six-hour days instead of eight hours a day. While this made it necessary to cut a few exercises, I supported the decision as I found it difficult to sit in front of a screen for so long.

The technology behind the remote delivery worked very well. It simulated the interactions of an in-person course. Using breakout rooms we were able to facilitate group work and personal interaction, and I found the work to be really effective in sharing experiences and working through the content together. Trello boards, and other tools which we could use to write on and update slides and materials in real-time.


Compliments to Renate Cremer

I also want to emphasize what a great job our trainer Renate Cremer did. It was a last-minute decision for her to teach the course remotely as well, and she still did a great job. Everything considered I was glad to have taken the course and I don’t feel as though I missed anything by taking it remotely.”


Moving Forward

“I left the course with the feeling I had learned a lot. I was able to pass the certification, and feel I have a thorough understanding of the SAFe framework, and can speak the language of people who are more experienced with SAFe.

Where I work we’re about to have our fifth PI Planning event, finishing up our first year of SAFe. I’m definitely interested in diving even deeper into the framework, and want to follow the Product Manager courses in the future”


The same Leading SAFe experience

Since Jeroen’s experience, our course delivery has matured and improved thanks to participant feedback and contributions such as his. Today’s remote courses are proving to be just as effective as in-person training, so make the most of your time social distancing by taking the first step towards SAFe today! 


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