Rentouch is a Bronze partner: “The piplanning app makes all the difference for RTEs.”

First time Bronze Partners to the RTE Summit, Rentouch look forward to sharing how their piplanning app enables RTEs to facilitate remote PI planning events. SPC Silvio Wandfluh: “RTEs are constantly looking for opportunities to increase performance and effectivity of teams and ARTs. That’s why the RTE Summit community is the perfect stage for the piplanning app!”


Digital Boards for a PI Planning – Why?

“Four years ago, our focus was on other products, but we were in contact with quite a few SPCTs and SPCs. Discussing about digital whiteboards in general, they told us about PI Planning events and about related challenges dealing with remote teams.

There are many SAFe organisations that simply can’t afford to fly in hundreds of people for PI Planning, or they don’t find the right location for the event. We identified three main communication channels that every distributed ART needs a solution for: audio, video and real-time, visual PI kanban. There are many solutions out there for audio and video conferencing, but no structured and smooth solution for synchronized boards. So, we stepped in.”


Iterate and experiment towards a customer driven web-application

“Many conversations with people within the SAFe community, interested people and organisations enabled us to launch a first version of the piplanning app in 2017.

After dozens of iterations, aimed at hitting the right design for new Features and Enablers, Rentouch recently launched the piplanning app as a fully web-based solution. Silvio: “We’re proud to say that 80-90% of all new features are triggered and prioritized by our customers, such as Jato. There’s real-time synchronization with Atlassian Jira and Rally Software, with the Program Backlog Board.”

He continues: “We designed the application to enable organisations and RTEs to facilitate remote PI Planning’s in a simple, collaborative and effective way. Having a physical board in mind for designing new functionalities sets us apart. The visualization’s look and feel remains close to what people are familiar with pen and paper.”


Visiting the RTE Summit

“That’s why coming to the RTE Summit is so valuable for us, it’s really a platform that enables conversation and will allow us to get even more insights from the community. We look forward to being able to exchange experiences with other RTEs, learning from them and demonstrate the piplanning app”. If you want to learn more about Rentouch and how their piplanning app can benefit you, purchase your tickets to the upcoming RTE Summit!


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