RTE Summit Global: An event for RTEs by RTEs

Ali Hajou, co-chairman of the RTE Summit discusses his ambitions for the first ever virtual RTE Summit, set to be online from Gladwell Academy’s professional. Aimed entirely at strengthening the community of practice of Release Train Engineers everywhere, he invites both experienced hands and newcomers to contribute: “If you have a real-life story to share, or a question you need answers to, The RTE Summit Global is the place for you.”


High hopes for the first Virtual RTE Summit

After four successful iterations of the RTE Summit in Europe, the RTE Summit is moving into a virtual setting where more RTEs will have the opportunity to attend and share their experiences than ever. “The Chief ScrumMaster is a relatively new position. Yet RTEs often have little time or opportunity to develop their skills or build their fellows networks. The RTE Summit was built to amend that.”

“I’m hoping to bring the informal open learning and networking environment that made the previous Summits so successful to a virtual setting.”

Download to flyer and have a look at the RTE Summit Global program! 

A unique experience

Ali describes how “the RTE Summit is not a conference to market a particular framework; it’s meant to build the RTE practice and to strengthen the so essential role of the Chief ScrumMaster. We avoid having too many listen-in sessions, rather focusing on interactive activities. And real insights to take back to your work: you’re meant to share what you learned.”

“While the previous Summits have steadily grown in size, from an intimate thirty-odd to a bustling 200+ visitors, we feel that the spirit of the event has hardly changed. I’m proud to say we’ve maintained a ‘small group feeling’ Peer to peer, every voice can be heard. Now we’re looking to find the best ways to deliver this feeling through your computer screen. While we’d still prefer to have the event in-person, we’re doing our best to stay Agile and still deliver an exciting RTE experience”

The Event for RTEs

Meet, learn from, share, and connect with RTEs from a variety of organizations and industries including RTEs from American Express, Boeing, Chevron, Nike and many more. Get your ticket today!


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