“RTEs and Controllers need to learn the same language.”

Starting with his work for Schiphol Group and now continued in his work with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, freelance ‘Agile controller’ Martin Hofman has slowly been building his authority in the Agile Control discipline. “Conventional Controllers have difficulty building the business case for working Agile. Agility has become too important for Controllers to ignore though… and vice versa!”


Agile and Control

“Working Agile at the elementary team level doesn’t pose too many problems for finance and control. All the work done here still relates directly to either an IT project or a business project or some other concrete output. At the organizational level though, it becomes a lot harder: the results of work done in an ART can be far from self-evident and may take months to become apparent.”

“Now that an increasing number of organizations are practicing Agile principles at the organizational level, it becomes essential for Agilists to be able to speak the language of the Controlling function if they want financial backing for their work. Conversely, Controllers must learn how to view the cost/revenue equation from an Agile perspective, in order to have the balance sheet reliably reflect the reality around them.”


Coming to the Summit

“I’m going to visit the RTE Summit this year to show the results of years of speaking with Controllers and other Finance-focused professionals about processing added value from Agile processes. My insights come from my work at Schiphol Group, as well as from other, third parties I spoke with and learned from. Of course, I’m going to share these findings with the audience.

However, I also want to learn from the RTEs present and as such I aim to have the second half of my time on stage look more like an exchange. What do they need from the Control function? How might we better clarify the value of Agile competences and ambitions to the Controller? It should make for some fascinating debate and hopefully, constructive insight.”


Learn directly from Martin Hofman

The RTE Summit 4.0 will take place on November 13th of 2019 at the BIMhuis, Amsterdam. Tickets are selling well, so if you want to learn directly from speakers such as Martin Hofman, be sure to reserve a seat today!


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