SAFe Summit 2020: A new frontier in virtual communication

On June 10-11 2020, Gladwell Academy was proud to be among the exhibitors at Scaled Agile’s first ever virtual European SAFe Summit. One of the first events of its kind, the summit provided an opportunity to consider where the future of events to share knowledge and build new connections may be moving.


A new platform

The SAFe Summit’s remote setting did nothing to hinder the exchange of new ideas and knowledge. Gladwell Academy’s speakers found that the online platform offered by Scaled Agile was still able to communicate the same energy as if everyone was in the same room.

These online sessions also gave participants more flexibility to choose when and to what extent they wished to engage with a talk or event. The lower commitment environment of the virtual summit made participants feel less obligated to attend everything. This freed them to focus their time and energy on what was important and relevant to their work, and even had access to events they may have missed via recordings.

Meanwhile, having so many different names in SAFe gathered in one place on an easy to navigate platform made it easier than ever to connect clients and stakeholders. The summit acted as a hub for professionals and organizations looking to forge new professional connections and reach out to those already in their network.


The future of online events

Many of Gladwell Academy’s team members who participated in the SAFe Summit found the online-only gathering to be an interesting and exciting new step in how to connect and engage within the SAFe network.

One interesting avenue suggested by multiple Gladwell Academy team members is the concept of “hybrid events”; where in-person and online tools are used in conjunction to make the event as accessible and relevant to as many people as possible.

  • Physical events could be recorded or even live-streamed to those who would otherwise not have the resources to attend.
  • An “online only pass” might offer a lower bar for entry to individuals who might otherwise feel an event did not have enough to offer them that is relevant to their work.

These concepts are just the tip of the iceberg to what a hybrid summit could offer, pulling the best traits of physical and digital events.


Gladwell Academy’s own online events

Gladwell Academy has not only used the conference as a means of connecting with its network, but has also learned more about how to deliver an exciting and engaging online-only event. Follow Gladwell Academy’s upcoming online events to see these lessons in action first-hand.


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