Sicco Maathuis: “Connect the data, connect the people”

Our first presenter to highlight for the virtual Agile Coach Conference is Sicco Maathuis, who has worked at Dutch market leading companies such as Ahold, Nike and PostNL. He explains why he looks forward to the Conference, and a bit of what he plans to share.

Data, connections and computing

“It’s an exciting time for roles like the Agile Coach – so it’s also a good time to visit this event. Companies and organizations are getting used to the idea, and especially virtual Agile coaching. We need someone who doesn’t fall into the conventional hierarchy, acting only to build teams along value-driven lines rather than departments.”

“There are three trends I want to highlight that are helping the role of Agile Coach gain traction. One is the Cambrian explosion of data generation, data we need to work with. A second, is the infinite computing power that’s about to come available to us. More computing power means not only new possibilities, but also more complex applications, so more teams-of-teams and Agility at scale. Third, the increased connection of everything with everything. I’d like to say more there, but that would spoil the fun.”


Sharing experience

“Besides a foray into trends and high-level futurology, I’ll also share from my recent experience as an Agile Coach. Recently I’ve been involved in creating the governance for an Agile program, including six scrum teams, for example. Product management, product owners, domains and authorities – the works. Keeping the ducks in line can be daunting, but it’s so satisfying when it works!”

“Naturally, I’ll have to acknowledge the elephant in the room of working and coaching virtually. I feel that the online conference will show how Agile coaching can still be effective from a virtual setting.”


Building the role

“I really enjoy seeing more and more Agile Coaches pop up at all kinds of companies, and I echo the observation that different people interpret the role in different ways. It’ll be healthy to review our conceptions together, arrive at some more transparency and expectations management. And to make more business friends while we’re at it, too.”


Meet Sicco and join the event for the Agile Coach.

Sicco Maathuis and many other leading voices in the field of Agile Coaching will contribute to the Agile Coach Conference 2020. Ticket sales are picking up, so be sure to get yours today if you can.


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