State of the ART: Triple the predictability of your ART

Sweden’s only SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT), enterprise Lean/Agile trainer and coach Carl Starendal gives insight into his upcoming presentation at the RTE Summit.


Mr. Starendal introduces himself concisely in his bio description: “I am an experienced Lean-Agile leader, having served directly for Scaled Agile Inc., the creators of the Scaled Agile Framework® for two years as well as having years of hands-on experience as an important part of several multinational Lean-Agile transformations across a diverse range of industries, in and beyond the software industry. I also frequently speak about leadership, Lean-Agile transformations and leadership in product development, and I am a highly regarded trainer and facilitator.”



Telling keynote on delivery forecasting

Carl Starendal will attend the RTE Summit with a keynote called ‘State of the ART: Triple the predictability of your ART – tomorrow’.

In this interactive presentation, he will explore real-time simulations to show how advanced techniques such as Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFDs) and Monte Carlo simulations can be used in hands-on approach to model and understand the flow of features to forecast delivery and increase with a probabilistic approach.

Creative leadership – Mr Starendal’s bio continues: “As part of my background I have been part of building and leading some of the world’s best video-game development teams and I am an award-winning sound & music producer.”

Philanthropy – “Outside of work my community engagement takes many forms and I am a trained and active Climate Reality Leader for the international Al Gore led initiative: “The Climate Reality Project” and also actively engaged in building a sustainable community where I live as part of the local community board.”

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Meet Carl Starendal and other trailblazing Agilists

The upcoming RTE Summit by Gladwell Academy on November 12th will feature a strong line-up of RTEs and other pioneering Agilists-at-scale in a peer-to-peer, confessional atmosphere. Tickets sales are picking up, so be sure to reserve your seat here .



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