Summer spare time? Get a discount on your training!

Beginning in 2017, Gladwell Academy began offering discounted summer courses in Scrum & SAFe and will continue to do so this year. With summer coming and many organizations slowing down, now is the time to take the initiative on your career path with training that will boost you and your organization in the coming year.


Summer sun, same training

While most organizations slow down over the summer, Gladwell Academy keeps going as strong as ever. Offering a mixture of both in-person and remote classes, take advantage of the same great training Gladwell Academy offers all year round. If you’ve been considering what Scrum or SAFe can offer you, now is perfect time to dive in head-first.


Get your summer discount

From July through August Gladwell Academy will be offer a wide variety of course discounts ranging from the Certified Agile Coach Bootcamp to Professional Scrum Master, SAFe RTE, and more! Contact our sales representative Joost Brugman for additional discounts for referring a friend or colleague, and exclusive group deals!


Time to jump on the Agile train

Summer’s the time to get out and enjoy the sun, but don’t forget to keep your career moving forward with Scrum and SAFe. It also makes it easier and cheaper than ever to invest in training for you and your organization that will pay off all year. Contact Gladwell Academy to continue to follow your career path, and for exclusive discounts before it’s too late.


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