“Why Agile makes people nervous? Because of the lack of trust.”

Adding three new SPCT certified trainers to the roster, Gladwell Academy
consolidates its leading position as SAFe training agency. In our last blog we asked SPCT candidate Niels Groen to give us his views on becoming certified. For this article, fellow candidate Andres Jansen (SPCT) tells us how he experiences his candidacy so far. “I was asked to present my theory before an audience of fellows right the next day.”

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A 100-person ART that never meets in person

ScheduleOnce program director Yoram Weizman knew it full well when his company decided to take their ART completely online. Right there in article 6 of the Agile manifesto: The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.

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Why 2018’s RTE Summit is a must-visit (for RTEs, that is)

What’s in it for you when RTEs, STEs, and Chief Scrum Masters gather from all corners of the globe to share & compare experiences? An opportunity to grow as a professional in a scaled agile environment, that’s what. The third edition of the RTE Summit is happening on November 13th, 2018 in Amsterdam and we asked its chairman and initiator Andres Jansen to tell us what he is looking forward to most:

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RTE Summit 3.0 provides SAFe Release Train Engineers with latest insights

In November, the third edition of the RTE Summit will take place, an event that provides SAFe Release Train Engineers the opportunity to access the latest trends and insights in their profession and to exchange knowledge with peers. 

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